Recorded Webinars

Recorded on Jul 14, 2015

Maximize Project Efficiency Through Effective Personnel Management

Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Trimble CrewSight will provide visibility and transparency into the jobsite workforce and provide valuable information that can be used to assess performance, evaluate progress, and make timely decisions. You’ll also learn about how integrating this information with Prolog provides additional benefits to the project team in terms of visibility, information quality, and operational efficiency.

Presenter: Jim McCartney and Phil Greer

Featured Product: Trimble CrewSight

Recorded on Jun 23, 2015

Material Tracking and Commissioning in Construction Workflows with Trimble’s Field Management Software

Watch the recorded webinar where we review how to track materials in the field, how to visualize progress, and discuss methods for applying consistent material management processes across your organization.

Presenter: Marcel Broekmaat

Featured Product: Trimble ProjectSight

Recorded on Apr 28, 2015

Improve Project Communication using Vico’s Flowline Schedule with a 3D Tekla Structures Model

Watch the recorded webinar where we will demonstrate how a schedule optimized for crew utilization and continuity of work using Trimble’s Flowline methodology can be further planned in Trimble’s Tekla Structures environment. Using the constructible model, the sequencing of individual elements will be planned and prepared for use as model-based progress tracking tool. Work completion, entered through the model, can be analyzed in the target schedule.


Featured Product: Vico Flowline and Tekla Structures

Recorded on Mar 24, 2015

Increase Productivity with a Handheld 3D Scanner on the Jobsite

Scanning technology is becoming more and more present on the jobsite and 3D data capture can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With a handheld 3D scanner, scanning just got a whole lot easier. Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to learn about the benefits of a handheld scanner.


Featured Product: DPI-8 Handheld Scanner

Recorded on Feb 10, 2015

Simplify Layout with the New Rapid Positioning System

This Building with Trimble webinar will provide an introduction to the complete Rapid Positioning System, featuring the Trimble RPT600 Layout Station and Trimble Field Link 2D software. Watch the recorded webinar to learn how this new approach to layout can transform your daily task list.

Presenter: Bryan Williams

Featured Product: Trimble RPT 600

Recorded on Jan 13, 2015

Improve Jobsite Project Management with Trimble ProjectSight

To keep your building construction projects on track, you need smart workflows and tight collaboration from start to finish. Learn how Trimble ProjectSight can help your company implement an effective mobile strategy and leverage cloud-based project management technology to efficiently collaborate with your field workforce.

Presenter: Jesse Lavine

Featured Product: Trimble ProjectSight

Recorded on Oct 24, 2014

What's New in Prolog 9.9

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about What’s New in Prolog 9.9, including a new user interface, and streamlined user interaction for improved experience and performance.

Presenter: Phil Greer, Marcel Broekmaat

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Oct 10, 2014

Streamline Construction Estimating with Trimble GCEstimator Software Suite

By combining the power of industry leading 5D BIM software, Vico Office, and WinEst’s knowledgebase-driven estimating solution, we have set out to change the way you estimate today’s diverse project portfolio. Watch the recorded webinar to see an integrated quantity takeoff and estimating solution that allows you to confidently build estimates for model and non-model based projects – all from a single knowledgebase.

Presenter: Steve Watt

Featured Product: Trimble GCEstimator Suite

Recorded on Sep 26, 2014

Increase Productivity with Trimble 3D Laser Scanning Solutions

In this recorded webinar we’ll examine applications of laser scanning on today’s construction projects and offer practical advice to your team about offering these services and how to streamline the creation of deliverables to key personnel on any project.

Presenter: Robert Beck

Featured Product: Trimble 3D Laser Scanning

Recorded on Aug 22, 2014

The Power of the Platform

Watch our recorded Fridays with Trimble webinar to see how the Trimble Technical Services team can help you leverage the power of the Prolog and Vico integration platforms to move data between systems and organizations saving money and boosting productivity. Hear the teams at Skanska and NBBJ discuss how they improved workflow and data sharing during the construction of a project by synchronizing two proprietary project management systems.

Presenter: Jordan Hoff / David Bland / Ron Smith

Featured Product: Trimble Technical Services

Recorded on Aug 8, 2014

What's New in Vico Office

Watch our recorded webinar to see how Trimble manages 2D contract documents and 3D models allowing you to efficiently combine the standard 2D drawing information while gaining the competitive advantage that comes from efficiently leveraging BIM.

Presenter: Duane Gleason

Featured Product: Vico Office

Recorded on Jun 27, 2014

Optimizing Your Document Management Process

Is your document management solution capable of pinpointing which elements have been added, deleted or modified? Are you wasting time validating that both 2D and 3D designs are current? Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Trimble is simplifying document management for the construction manager and general contractor.

Presenter: Duane Gleason

Featured Product: Document Controller Standard

Recorded on May 30, 2014

Execution of BIM in the Field

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to use 3D Constructible BIM models to create field data and execute the layout of construction intent in the field. You will also learn how to provide performance quality feedback to ensure that the construction intent matches the field reality and is shared with key decision makers.

Presenter: Jim McCartney

Featured Product: Trimble Field Solutions

Recorded on May 22, 2014

Discussion with AECOM - Addressing Changes and Challenges Through Technology

Whether you are a Program Management firm or an Owner Builder the goal is the same – to manage and deliver projects that are on time and budget. Join us as we talk with Anthony Sanger of AECOM about how the company is addressing market changes and challenges through technology and how Owners and Program Managers can better manage capital construction programs and: Manage Risk and Change Plan for Project Alternatives Manage Technology Challenges

Presenter: Joseph Poskie and Anthony Sanger

Featured Product: Proliance Software

Recorded on May 20, 2014

Introduction to Proliance

We demonstrate the powerful features of Proliance to optimize the plan-build-operate lifecycle for project based organizations. Proliance combines planning, project and program management, and operations into one software system of record, effectively reducing risk, lowering construction costs and improving financial performance.

Presenter: Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance Software

Recorded on May 7, 2014

What's New in Proliance 5.7

Introducing Proliance 5.7 - The latest upgrade to Proliance Software Proliance has been expanded with several exciting new features designed to provide owners and program managers with Schedule enhancements, Global Project Teams and expanded capabilities for User Defined Fields.

Presenter: Joseph Poskie and Gordon McNeill

Featured Product: Proliance Software

Recorded on Apr 4, 2014

Webcor Builders Leverages the Power of Modelogix

Modelogix is the Data Mining and Analysis part of our Trimble GC/CM strategy that allows companies to leverage data from past projects to forecast the cost of future projects. Watch the recorded webinar to see how Modelogix helped Webcor Builders.

Presenter: Webcor Builders and Trimble Buildings Team

Featured Product: Modelogix

Recorded on Feb 28, 2014

Let's Make Our Projects Better with Prolog 9.8

Watch the recorded webinar to see What’s New in Prolog 9.8: • Material Tracking – identify and tag materials, scan materials and update status, enter installation and QA/QC checklists and issue work orders. • Prolog Web Services – seamlessly integrate with BIM and other external systems. • Prolog Converge – updates to report queries and lookup lists and groups.

Presenter: Tim Davis and Jesse Lavine

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Nov 13, 2013

Connecting the Field to the Office

View this recorded webinar to see how Prolog is solving the business challenges faced by todays construction companies with integrated workflows that reach all members of the project team. Including our most valuable and overlooked resources the people actually in the field constructing our jobs.

Presenter: Jesse Lavine and Tim Davis

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Nov 1, 2013

Prolog Unplugged

Learn some tips and tricks that you may not know about Prolog. In this webinar learn about: • Modifying the dashboard area and customizing it for your project types • Configuring the user experience for folks at HQ, in the trailer, and on the jobsite • Productivity tips and tricks • Insight into cross project information • Easy ways to import and export information

Presenter: Phil Greer

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Aug 16, 2013

Collaboration at the Speed of Prolog

See how Prolog construction project management ties stakeholders together and makes everyone accountable for sound decisions for the good of the project. Watch the recorded webinar to see collaboration at the speed of construction.

Presenter: Trimble Team

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Aug 2, 2013

Introduction to Prolog Solutions and What's New in Prolog 9.7

This webinar looks specifically at cool new features in Prolog 9.7 built specifically for superintendents to use on iPads. But also shows the entire workflow so even if you’re brand new to Prolog you’ll be wow’ed by its comprehensive look at over 60 construction workflows, including: • Subcontractors trigger system notifications which alert PMs to potential problems with RFIs which include cost implications, schedule impacts, and even design alterations; • RFIs are routed using automated workflows to gather new information quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and the risk of crew demobilizations; • Any-time-any-where access to project data speeds the decision making process; • The built-in audit trail for all decisions means faster time to action and accountability; • Accurately forecast trends and stop add-on costs before they start; • All the information at your fingertips to build claims – or defend against them.

Presenter: Trimble Team

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Jul 23, 2013

Proliance 201: Scheduling

Successful projects and programs require management of countless tasks, activities, milestones and relationships in order to finish on time. The Proliance Scheduling application manages multiple schedules across projects and programs, providing executives instant visibility of projects that are ahead of schedule and those critically behind schedule. With real-time status tracking and collaborative contributions, organizations can streamline communication and deliver program and projects in less time and at a reduced cost. In this webinar we reviewed: Managing schedules at multiple levels of detail How to track key milestones and monitor progress on activities Collaboration on schedules to review changes How it integrates with popular scheduling platforms (P6, MS Project)

Presenter: Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Jun 21, 2013

Connecting the Estimate to Project Management and Back to the Conceptual Estimate

Trimble Buildings introduces a powerful new integration for construction teams between Modelogix for analyzing cost histories, WinEst 2D estimating, and Prolog project management. In this webinar we’ll see the entire workflow from cost model generation to cost plan development and final estimate to tracking each line item in the budget through to completion on the jobsite and then capturing that completed project cost data for new feasibility budgets.

Presenter: Trimble Team

Featured Product: Modelogix, Prolog, WinEst

Recorded on Jun 5, 2013

Analytics for Construction Owners

An in-depth look at how you can utilize analytics to manage your capital construction portfolio As a construction owner, you need a powerful and flexible analytics solution. In a highly leveragedindustry, the better the data, the better the decisions that can lead to significant ROI. In this webinar, we drill down to the "Why" things are happening and not just "What" is happening. In this webinar we will learn how you can use analytics to: • Use Project Forecasting to make better decisions. • Analyze the data in the correct context and deliver the right information to the right people • Deliver analytics across the organization - down to the project and process level • Access the data at your fingertips, you won't need IT to create and deliver reports • Create dashboards and widgets to customize your reports • Utilize mobile dashboards

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on May 22, 2013

BIM for Facility Management at Kaiser Permanente

View the recorded webinar as we present Kaiser's implementation of BIM for lifecycle facility management at their Oakland Medical Center. This webinar will explain: • How the leading healthcare facilities owner adopted BIM for the entire building lifecycle. • What is COBie and IFC and how open standards help construction projects. • How software applications were integrated for data collection, exchange and quality control. This innovative project has received several industry awards (FIATECH), and is being profiled in numerous publications.

Presenter: Chris Pechacek, VDC Director, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Igor Starkov, President, EcoDomus, Inc. and John Leet, Director of Marketing, Trimble Buildings

Featured Product: Trimble Building, EcoDomus

Recorded on May 10, 2013

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge: A WinEst Overview

View this webinar to see how WinEst can make your estimating life easier, more efficient and more successful. We’ll show you: • how to more effectively manage and integrate project estimates; • how to increase productivity and efficiency; • how to integrate with other applications; and • how to enable your team to work more collaboratively and seamlessly.

Presenter: WinEst / Trimble

Featured Product: WinEst

Recorded on May 9, 2013

Proliance 201: Analytics

Proliance Analytics provides you with information at your fingertips that provides you real-time, enterprise-wide, business visibility across the entire project portfolio. Dashboards provide a centralized view of the entire program and project status. In this Webinar we demonstrate: • How to use Proliance Dashboards throughout the Plan-Build-Operate Building Lifecycle • How to create custom widgets for your business needs • Analytics on the go- Analytics on the iPad for mobile users Learn how Proliance provides the analytics and dashboards for owners to gain insight into their projects and benchmark against key performance indicators.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on May 3, 2013

Adding Modelogix to your Estimating Arsenal

Let us show you just how powerful Modelogix is. Join us to explore how GCs and CMs use Modelogix to harvest past-project data for new estimates and budgets. And the real kicker – it works with every construction estimating system out there… including Excel.

Presenter: WinEst / Trimble

Featured Product: Modelogix

Recorded on May 1, 2013

Using Mobile Construction Technologies in the Field Webinar

View the recorded webinar to hear JE Dunn, the General Contractor on the project, discuss the use of Prolog Mobile on the Trimble Westminster Building Project. In addition, take a look at the unique QA/QC capabilities of the Prolog Mobile application during an in-depth demonstration.

Presenter: Jesse Lavine and Matt Palumbo

Featured Product: Prolog Mobile

Recorded on Apr 23, 2013

Proliance 201: Document Control

In the Proliance 201 Webinar series, we will take a deep dive into the different modules of Proliance giving you the nitty gritty on all of the various features of our leading capital construction program management solution. Proliance Document Control allows you to keep proper track of document revisions, while automating reviews to expedite the process of reviewing design and material submissions. In this webinar learn how: Proliance drives users to the latest revision of controlled documents To leverage both sequential and parallel reviewers in a single review process To track specific redline comments and responses To distribute controlled documents, including new revisions to previous recipients About packaging documents for expedited reviews Gain confidence that the right information is being consumed and the process will drive compliance to your personal and regulatory standards.

Presenter: Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Apr 11, 2013

What's New in Proliance 5.6

Meridian Systems would like to introduce you to Proliance® 5.6 software and demonstrate the powerful new features of our Capital Program Management solution to optimize the building lifecycle for project based organizations.In this one hour recorded Webinar, we discuss: • New analytic features that are customizable for each member of the project team • How to create a dashboard that is tailored to each project member • Folder Management for better project organization and easier navigation • Enhanced sharing capabilities • Proliance Export application for distributing project data at project closeout.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Mar 20, 2013

Capital Planning:Managing a Construction Project Portfolio

Gain insight to manage and organize construction projects into a set of programs that define a strategic objective. Discover how to leverage historical data to help manage and plan for existing and future projects, identify and quantify risks in the budget process and utilize project capital more effectively.

Presenter: Brant Carter and Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Mar 6, 2013

Budget Development: Leveraging Conceptual Estimates

Owners recognize the immense value of seeing the broad scope of their construction projects in detail in order to make the best decisions. Modelogix and Proliance have accomplished this by offering best-of-class estimating, cost-modeling and bidding tools paired with cost control, contract and quality management solutions.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Feb 27, 2013

Earned Value: A Progress Measurement for Capital Owners

In this Webinar we demonstrate Earned Value, a powerful method for measuring progress in Proliance. With Proliance Earned Value you get more insight than looking at the Cost Report and Schedule separately. We identify the components of Earned Value and how to track schedule and budget performance against your baseline plan.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Feb 26, 2013

Proliance 201: Budget & Cost Management for Owners

Budget and Cost Management provides the backbone to managing and forecasting the financial success of all programs and projects. The application’s features combined with platform functions, deliver a comprehensive Web-based system for managing the budget development process and comparing budgets to actual costs. Proliance gives the owner the tools to manage contracts, change orders and invoices, view costs and forecasts in relation to the budget, manage multiple budgets and release budgets when needed.

Presenter: Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Feb 20, 2013

Extending Sharepoint and Office for Capital Owners

Microsoft SharePoint® is a powerful tool available to most everyone on a project team, and organizations deploy SharePoint and Office® to leverage standard business applications. However, project managers face unique challenges in that they need to collaborate with external stakeholders on a daily basis to effectively manage costs and project changes. Learn how to leverage your SharePoint investment while maintaining control over your projects by utilizing Proliance’s built in construction workflows.

Presenter: Joseph Poskie

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Feb 6, 2013

Modelogix: Conceptual Estimating for Construction Owners

Formulating a conceptual estimate before all the details are known can be both science and an art. The accuracy of the conceptual estimate, however dictates whether a project is approved or denied. Modelogix enables owners to leverage their historical construction database and project experience to generate viable, reliable capital budgets and accurate cost models for current and future projects.

Presenter: Brant Carter and Steve Watt

Featured Product: Modelogix

Recorded on Jan 29, 2013

Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

In this Webinar we introduced Proliance and demonstrated how to optimize the plan-build-operate lifecycle for project based organizations. Proliance combines planning, project and program management, and operations into one software system of record, effectively reducing risk, lowering construction costs and improving financial performance.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Dec 17, 2012

Proliance - Internationalization Feature Video

This 15 minute video demonstrates Proliance’s Arabic language file and Hijri calendar features. For more information and product demonstrations on all of Proliance’s features, please watch the recorded webinar Proliance 101.

Presenter: Tareq Masri

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Oct 19, 2012

What’s New in Proliance 5.5

Proliance 5.5 now provides owners and program managers with a new Bidding Module for greater visibility and control into project procurement and adds new International features, including localized portfolio management and multi-language and multi-calendar capabilities.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Oct 12, 2012

Managing Risk in Healthcare Capital Construction Projects

In this webinar, Meridian Systems and our partner, AECOM, discuss the issues that healthcare capital construction projects face. Healthcare institutions are under pressure to expand, replace and renovate antiquated facilities in light of ever changing technology, competition and demand for efficiency. 

Presenter: Joe Poskie, Meridian Systems and Kim McAvoy, AECOM

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Sep 6, 2012

Prolog Solution Presentation

View this 30 minute recorded Webinar to explore the Prolog solution with a high-level overview of its application functionality. You’ll see Prolog in action and leave with a better understanding of how Prolog helps organizations reduce construction project risk, control project costs, and provide complete transparency to project stakeholders.

Presenter: Christy Hunt

Featured Product: Prolog

Recorded on Jun 12, 2012

Learn How CBRE Addresses the Diverse Challenges of Managing Large and Small Projects

Watch the webinar and learn how CBRE Project Management addressed the differing requirements and introduced standardized processes and the latest best practices across the enterprise.

Presenter: CBRE

Featured Product: Proliance

Recorded on Mar 12, 2012

NTTA User Case Study Webinar

Learn how North Texas Tollway Streamlined Project Delivery with Proliance Software.

Presenter: Brant Carter

Featured Product: Proliance

Introducing Prolog Mobile Webinar

The Value of Bringing Project Management to the Field.

Presenter: Lance Tressler

Featured Product: Prolog Mobile

Field Guide to Mobile Apps in Construction

Tablets are the hottest trend on construction sites these days so, what processes are most effectively supported with this new technology? Should firms build new apps of their own? This webinar will highlight some of the most powerful and effective apps in use on job sites today and delve into benchmarks of what kind of ROI they are delivering.

Presenter: Lance Tressler

Featured Product: Prolog Mobile

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