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Trimble Releases WinEst Estimating 15.2

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Integrating WinEst and Vico Office, Providing the Construction Market with the Most Complete BIM and 2D Cost Estimating Solution

Trimble now provides a solution for construction companies that are eager to find a single estimating solution to “carry the load” of creating detailed estimates from BIM models and 2D electronic plans. The latest release of Trimble WinEst 15.2 integrates the strengths of WinEst estimating, a highly adaptable, knowledgebase-driven estimating solution, with the strengths of Trimble Vico Office, an industry leading 5D BIM solution.

Until now, it was typical that a construction company might need to purchase, learn, and deploy as many as five cost estimating and quantity takeoff software solutions to effectively respond to BIM, model-based projects and traditional 2D projects. Each of these independent solutions typically require their own underlying cost database. The cost of maintaining these databases, with limited integration is not trivial. With the release of WinEst 15.2 construction companies now have a single knowledgebase of cost items and assemblies (where quantities are supplied by a single takeoff tool) Vico Takeoff Manager’s 3D model based quantities, and the recently released 2D quantity takeoff capabilities contained in Vico R5.

During the early design phase, it’s not unusual for the BIM Model and 2D plans to change every 2-3 weeks. Design changes typically mean critical variances in quantities from one iteration of the design to the next. Changes to a handful of objects in the BIM model could result in hundreds of quantity changes to the detailed items contained in the estimate. WinEst 15.2 and Vico Document Controller will alert estimators to those changes and allow the estimator to quickly review, and update estimate – making sure the estimate always reflects the current design.

WinEst 15.2 goes beyond using model and non-model based quantities to satisfy the dimensions associated with database items and assemblies. The relationship between model objects and properties and their corresponding items can be saved, dramatically reducing the time to perform quantity takeoffs on future projects.

Important: To take advantage of this integration, the Vico/WinEst plugin is required as well as current licenses of both Vico R5 and WinEst ProPlus or WinEst eTeam.