Keeping You Ahead of the Details

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, built with Prolog software.

Building the future is more complex than ever before. That’s because there are more people throughout the construction industry using more devices in more locations to create and share more data that’s critical to the success of your project.

Since they’re everywhere, connecting on-the-go is important. For thousands in the building industry, the answer is Prolog, developed for today’s construction contractor. It’s developed by people whose expertise in the industry was formed by working in it, by people who understand the increasing complexity you manage while still keeping on schedule, and on budget. And they understand that your ability to manage those details is the foundation of the relationships that determine if you succeed – or not.

Contractors are also faced with the challenges of maintaining strong client relationships in a rapidly changing, fast-paced environment. They recognize the benefit of being able to respond to customer requests by quickly diving in to the history of past projects to develop conceptual cost models on the fly. And then, to build highly accurate bottom up estimates that they can rely on to ensure profitabiltiy.


Then you’re invited to learn more about how Prolog can manage the details on your behalf, regardless of locations and devices. Or how you can increase profitabiltiy and customer success with WinEst construction estimating solutions.